Open Campground Download

Open Campground can be downloaded for free using the link above. All of the Open Campground software is the same and offers the same features. The download version requires you to follow a series of instructions for installing it and setting it up as described in the step by step instructions in the User's Manual. The installation is more complex than the other options but if you follow the instructions anyone should be able to do it. Running the system will involve about a half dozen mouse clicks to bring up the servers. This process can be automated by following the instructions in the User's Manual which will require simple edits (using notepad) and copying of a couple of files. You will have to take manual steps described in the User's Manual to change the system between the production and training/demonstration modes.

On a periodic basis you should make database backups, copy them to cd or flash drive and store them somewhere safe. A selection in the admin section of Open Campground creates the backups and copies them to the place you want to save them.

There are two download versions available; opencampground-1.11.zip is the version with a complete ready to run environment for Windows based systems, opencampground-src-1.11.zip is a source only version which can be installed on any computer with the required support software (see the User's Manual for more information).